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Whisk who?

We are Jelle, Evita, Kato, Valentine, Michelle and Jelle
(Yes, there’s more than one Jelle in the team. We don’t always make it so easy on ourselves.)

We’re a team of six young creatives, each with our own strengths. Fortunately, we all share the same passion: transforming stories into wonderful and unforgettable projects.

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Our believers

Eva Maes


“The Whisk team did such a great job that we have absolutely no idea how we’ll be able to top our event next year.
It’s been a long time since we were all allowed to come together, and you guys made sure everything went off with a “bang”. You brought together the best of Belgium and the Netherlands in terms of suppliers, ensured seamless communication, and kept pulling out all the stops until the very last minute to make a complicated event look extremely easy to our whole team. A really big thank you for understanding the Samsung DNA so well and translating it into exactly what we needed to get us firing on all cylinders again.”

The Alychlo Team


“At Alychlo, we love entrepreneurs and the people behind them.
If we feel the right spark, we invest! Realising their dreams, that’s what we do it for.

You’ve helped us on our way to fulfilling this dream. With fire, passion and entrepreneurship! We’re proud to endorse you as the best event agency!

That’s not difficult either: you’re the only agency for us.

It’s our way of saying: HATS OFF, WELL DONE & THANK YOU!”

Davy De Vlieger

General Manager GB Foods

“At GBFoods, we’ve had lots of successful experiences with Whisk’s organisational talent.

From a high-tech online event with various stages and performances to a fully-fledged live event including a whole range of perfectly coordinated group activities.

There’s nothing they can’t do!”